"14 Weeks to Beautiful Photos" will teach you everything you need to know about achieving beautiful photos! www.kensiem.comI am so excited to announce that starting next Monday, June 2nd, Kensie M Photography will be hosting "14 Weeks to Beautiful Photos". This is an amazing blog series focused on helping you learn your camera and learn to get out of that photography rut and take amazing images that you will cherish forever! Whether you are a beginner with a brand new DSLR, an intermediate photographer that wants to learn more, or someone who wants to take your photography to the next level and learn some great tips and tricks, we have something for you! Each week we will feature an amazing guest photographer blogging about a new topic! We will also have challenges and fun giveaways, so be sure and check in often! So, what's the cost you ask? Well, that's the best part! This is absolutely FREE!!! We want to share our talents with you and help you capture the moments that are important to you! So join us for an amazing summer of photography! We can't wait! See you soon!!

Week 1 with Nicole Caywood-Exposure

Week 2 with Lynnea Wilson- Aperture

Week 3 with Tavia Redburn- ISO

Week 4 with Lynne Rigby- White Balance

Week 5 with Sarah Phillips- Indoor Lighting

Week 6 with Kensie Malmfeldt- Outdoor Lighting

Week 7 with Lora Swinson- Rule of Thirds

Week 8 with Kate Densmore- Leading Lines

Week 9 with Ashley Spaulding- Perspective

Week 10 with Gina Cooperman- Photographing Children

Week 11 with Jennifer Carr- Capturing Landscapes

Week 12 with Sarah Mazza- Self Portraits

Week 13 with Jen Foster- Creative Composition

Week 14 with Stacey Wiseman- Printing Photos