So, since I actually did my sweet little Gracie's 3 month photos yesterday, I thought I should probably finally get her newborn photos blogged. We welcomed our 5th sweet baby into our home and hearts in December. She has been such a joy and a wonderful little baby. Alyna is thrilled to finally have a baby sister after 3 brothers! I ended up shooting her newborn photos at 3 days old. It was fun to do her newborn photos, but also pretty tiring right after having her!! Anyway, here she is, welcome to the world my sweet Gracie!! Newborn baby girl with red bow on white satin.Newborn Baby girl in snowman hat and scarf on white blanket Christmas newborn Newborn baby girl with white bonnet on red blanket.Newborn baby girl wrapped in white on red blanket.Newborn baby girl wrapped in white on red blanket with cute bow.Newborn baby girl on white blanket with cute green burlap bow.Newborn baby girl on purple blanket with purple flower bowNewborn baby girl sleeping on purple blanket with purple bow.Newborn baby girl in basket with red ruffle fabric wrapped in white.Newborn baby girl head in hands with pink bonnet on purple blanket.