Those that know me well, know one thing about me, and it is that I don't typically use actions. I have found a few over the years that I have used in one way or another, but nothing that has really "stuck with me". I had been watching the Daily Fresh Blend as before and afters and videos had been popping up in anticipation of the big debut and they definitely had me intrigued! They seemed to be exactly what I had been looking for. The videos that Bellevue Avenue has put together are so fun and really get you excited about what you can create, while still informing you on how to properly use these actions. After before and afters, videos, and other positive reviews, I was so excited when I was selected to be a tester for this set! The minute I got them in my inbox, I started playing! These actions are incredibly easy to use and there is really something for every kind of style! But, the most important thing to me personally, was that they needed to be totally customizable. I don't want to slap someone else's interpretation onto my portraits and call it a day, I want them to be uniquely mine! With these actions, truly, the sky is the limit! I even used the action for "Pink Cheeks" to make the flowers in one of my images more pink (shhh! don't tell Bellevue Avenue ;-) ). There are always layer masks, so that you can do exactly what you need to do and make them totally yours. Some of my more artistic edits can easily take me 30 minutes by hand to edit, but with these actions, I was finishing artistic edits in 5! That is totally worth it if you ask me! I really have nothing bad to say about this set! I am definitely going to continue using them, they are beautiful! If you would like to try them, hurry up and get them today, as they are currently 50% off! You can check them out here! And because no post is complete without photos, here are some before and afters using the Daily Fresh Blend set by Bellevue Avenue. 2014-06-12_00032014-06-12_00042014-06-12_00052014-06-12_00062014-06-12_00072014-06-12_0008