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Here are my Top Ten Tips for amazing family portrait styling!!

1. Coordinate, don't match! Try to pick 3 colors for your pallet and coordinate each person's outfit to those colors. Two bright colors and a neutral are a great option!

2. White Is Not The Best Option! Contrary to popular opinion, white is actually not the best option when it comes to family photos.
3. Natural Makeup! Makeup is great for photos, but keep it natural and normal. Even better, treat yourself to professional makeup before your portraits!
4. Color and Patterns are great! Fun colors and beautiful prints and patterns bring interest and beauty to a photo, don't be scared to throw them in!
5. Layers! Layers look amazing in photos, so feel free to use scarves, cardigans, jackets. etc.!
6. Remember Season and Location! Wearing turtlenecks and coats in the middle of summer would be uncomfortable and potentially make your portraits look bad! Instead, stick with clothing items that match your season and location!
7. Keep Your Home In Mind! Not everyone does this, but it is a great idea to keep your home decor in mind when you are planning outfits, so that when you put that big, beautiful new canvas of your family on your wall, it compliments your home!
8. Plan Ahead! Give yourself enough time before hand so that you can keep your family relaxed and stress free before your session!
9. Stay Comfortable! Be careful about making your children wear things that they are uncomfortable in. Let them wear comfortable, familiar clothing and they will be much happier!
10. Dress for you! Remember that these photos are about your family, so let your personalities shine through and wear clothing that fits your personalities!

And here are some wonderful Fall 2014 Outfit Ideas! Hope this helps and please contact me at for more help or information!