In Oklahoma, we rarely get snow and when we do it hardly ever sticks, so when snow does come down it is always a fun time around our house. My kids love the snow. Every year, we will usually get one big snow and I am guessing this storm was it for us this year. The kids woke up and immediately started asking when we could go play in it. I promised after lunch and school, we would bundle up and go out! It is such a pain to get four children bundled up for snow play (Gracie didn't participate :) ), but it is always worth it to see their faces light up when they go out the door. This was the first year Joshua could really enjoy the snow. Last year, he went out, but he was still toddling and unstable with his walking, so the snow was more of an obstacle course then fun. This year, he only hesitated for a minute before he dove in with the rest of the kids for snow angels, snowmen, and snowballs. Because he is particularly enthralled with balls as of late, he got a huge kick out of the fact that he could pick up and make a "basketball" anytime he wanted. Alyna headed up the snowman making complete with grapes for eyes and carrots for a nose. At first, she brought out a cheesestick for the mouth, but I convinced her that some pecans from the tree close by would probably work better :) Noah and Lucas both enjoyed tackling and wrestling in the snow, as well as many snowball fights. I was able to snap the photos below before I was asked to join in and play as well!